March of Remembrance

Join us on our yearly March of Remembrance on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Sunrise over Masada, Israel


Our Mission

The mission of the Holocaust Remembrance Foundation of the Valley (HRFV) is to shine the light of truth to our communities, eliminate bigotry, and confront anti-Semitism through special events, relationships, and education.

Our Work

The Holocaust Remembrance Foundation of the Valley was created in 2015 to preserve the memory of the Holocaust, especially among new generations. The millions of lives lost, the events we must never repeat, and the lessons we must carry forward are slipping away from our young people! So our work is to help our communities hold onto a vital awareness of the Holocaust.
We do this in two ways. First, through the annual March of Remembrance, which has grown significantly over the past four years. And second, through building a local memorial monument for education and remembrance, which we’re in the process of building.